Heylos. My name's Kendra and I'm 22 from nyc. I enjoy cosplay, photography, baking, crocheting, generally old lady activities. As for what I like... Well, isn't that what this is for?

Oh god this is all going to be food cosplay and animus oh god is this my life what is happening those waffles looked so good tho


This is the Captain America dress that I made from the lovely Toughtink's line of Avengers evening gown art. It was supposed to be saved for NYCC but my poor costume never got finished for Friday of Otakon 2012 so I wore it there. Going to the Avengers meetup was a lot of fun and I can't wait until NYCC <33

I woke up one morning and the star on my hat was in the hallway. My cat took the rest and I’ve seen no trace of it since then. Whyyyyyyyyyyy. I made another one and forgot to put it on for the con DX I’ll get it right one day, I swear…

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    More Avengers dresses!
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    Poo, someone beat me to it, and I had my heart set on trying this cosplay. Ah well. This lovely lady did a wonderful job...
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    I must find this person and become their friend and have epic photoshoots (straight AND crack!)!!!! -flails-
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